Monday, November 17, 2014

Wally meets the press.

P1240213 "If it's Sunday..." and it was — yesterday... "it's Meet the Press". P1240222 Should I go on? But what if it's a 60 minutes-type muckraking exposé, a "hit piece"? What if I forget my talking points? What if the camera shows my bald spot? These journalists can be ruthless... hard-hitting... always looking for sound-bites, gaffes, gotcha moments.

Well, she seems nice enough... gentle soft voice... *sniff, sniff* — I don't smell hostility. That's right — it's Wally with a "y"... W-A-L-L-Y... 9 years-old... male... golden retriever... graduate, with honors, of Mrs. Treats' Dog Obedience and Critical Thinking Academy, class of '06 — 
that's pretty much my entire C.V. right there in a nutshell. 

Are we done? P1240218 What? My position? (Uh oh, here it comes) On what? — my position on CATS ??? Uh... well, cats are... uh, cats are... wait, hold on a sec... (must check with advisor). P1240227 P1240226 P1240228 P1240223 My position is that cats are people too and that cats are equally deserving of living their lives with dignity, care, and happiness. P1240211 There. I think I handled that well. All things considered.


  1. A ringer for my beloved Manassas who was half Irish and half Golden. What be Wally?

  2. Ahhh...i read the caps. Goldie.

    1. yep — I'd guess Wally has some Irish in him.

  3. He knows he is on the big stage now.