Monday, July 7, 2014

Beasley the Beagle and Professor Chaos.

P1120248 P1120250 P1120296 P1120301 P1120312 P1120347 The Professor is an Irish Terrier.


  1. Sniff, sniff.....Wha’cha got there Beas?
    I’m still trying to sniff it out Cha Cha. This can't be rushed..

  2. The Irish Terrier is real nice. I think I still lean more towards an Airedale. Similar though. Lovely photos. I hope the dogs are on leashes in the city.

  3. Recently got a beagle pup. You do know that, with the internet having been invented for the purpose of all things cat, you are thumbing your nose at a mighty force. When SkyNet becomes self-aware, you'll be at the top of the list. And if SkyNet don't get ya, Ceiling Cat will.


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