Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flynn flies in...

P1170113 P1170111 P1170112 P1170118 a pose... P1170114 P1170115 ...and flies off again.

(More Flynn here.)


  1. Showboat.

    ......and here is my Westminster Kennel Club award winning pose!

  2. Flynn - Handsome is as handsome does. I had a half Irish/half golden 35 years ago. Gorgeous dog. His daddy "Gator" was a champion Irish stud and dumber than dirt. His momma "Pearl" was a champion Golden Retriever and smart as a whip. She was also a hussy and got into Gator's pen. I got the pick of the litter for $50 in 1980 money - a bargain then. Anways Manassas got his daddy's good looks and his momma's brains. Best dog ever. Good surfer too.


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