Sunday, September 7, 2014

Know your enemy.

THIS is Canada Thistle, Cirsium arvense. It is also widely known as Lettuce From Hell Thistle, California Thistle, Corn Thistle, Cursed Thistle, Field Thistle, Green Thistle, Hard Thistle, Perennial Thistle, Prickly Thistle, Small-flowered Thistle and Way Thistle. In England it is known as Creeping Thistle.

Why is it called Canada Thistle when it originated in Europe and Northern Asia? Beats me but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Canadians refer to it as Lower Forty-Eight Thistle.

Canada Thistle is noxious, invasive, and injurious. It can damage a dog's eye with it's spiny leaves and stems. When the dog goes rambling through a field with Canada Thistle in it, the spines can cause tiny cuts to the dog's eye.

Beginning September 9 at 9AM volunteers and county staff will begin to eradicate the noxious plant from Capital Springs Dog Park. If you live in or near Dane County, Wisconsin and would like to help, here's how:
Attention: The Capital Springs Dog Exercise Area will be closed from: Tuesday September 9th though Friday September 12th. This closure will be used for invasive vegetation control. We are looking for Volunteers to help this process go quickly. Hours for volunteering are from 9am-4pm. With any questions about volunteering contact: (608) 224-3601 or email:
UPDATE: Many thanks, to everyone who participated last week.


  1. Another truth from Genesis is that thistle plants are the all purpose super curse added on leaving Eden behind..

    1. Yeah, we had it pretty good until Adam couldn't manage to Respect His Authoritah.


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