Sunday, November 16, 2014

When Old Media looks into New Media, New Media also looks into Old Media...

Who said that? Nietzsche? Well, no. He said something like that though. I repurposed it. 

Here's a shot of Samara Kalk Derby of the Wisconsin State Journal today, looking into The Puparazzo (with Zeus, of course): P1240193


  1. Zeus is famous! (Or Wisconsin famous, which is really all that counts).

    1. In Tucson, Arizona Zeus is famous too. Love the site, miss you when you are gone for a few days. Thanks,

  2. Congrats Meade (and Zeus)! It was a great article and I enjoyed the 'backstory'. Sounds like you have some great neighbors both two and four legged!

  3. Lawrence:

    What a great article in the paper today! Thanks for all you do for the dogs at Capital Springs (including Zeus!) See you soon at the dog park.



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