Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Tetons, Colorado Trail, Mountains, Stars, Bikes, and a Puppy"

6 of my favorite things.


  1. Very nice. Spent some time in Colorado this summer. I wish I was of an age to still charge on a bike. These days I much prefer the Creeper Trail in Virginia. And the Barter Theater in Abingdon after the Trail and dinner at that. Miss my Irish/Golden mix. Seeing that puppy didn't help any - so no thanx for that. Nice video. Might watch it again.

  2. Addendum - watched it again. The windmills are beyond ugly. They look like something out of the novel War of the Worlds. Bueno vista destroyers if you ask me. balanced by the Golden pup and his mom in the water. Want.

    1. The American West is large. It contains windmills.

  3. I prefer the paved roads, thank you.


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