Monday, May 25, 2015

Zeus and Scout. (Also good names for a team of horses.)

DSC04289 Today, on the same beach where Zeus learned to swim 8 years ago. More photos HERE. ADDED: Zeus & Scout — the movies:
IMG_0773 IMG_0776


  1. My grandpa Charlie Pollard of Brunswick, Mo., had 80 acres and 2 horses. One was young & strong & ripped with muscle ... but totally blind. The other was old as dirt & couldn't pull it's own weight but had one good eye. They worked together for a number of years and my grandpa said they were the best plowing team he ever had. He told me their names but I can't remember them & that pisses me off. It was very much like Zeus & Scout though -- real close to that.

    1. That's awesome. Days late. But awesome. ;-}

  2. Here is another brainy, determined and enterprising
    Big Stick dog

  3. Why no photos since this one? Where's meade? Where are the adorable, entertaining doggie photos? Come back!


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