Sunday, May 18, 2014

Over at Governor Nelson State Park...

P1100184 ... we hiked in the woods, looking for new green shoots, P1100186 leaves, and flowers of early May. "What if we run into Cooper again? Wouldn't that be cool?" P1100195 P1100198 P1100278 P1100272 P1100233 P1100208 P1100210 And it was!


  1. What a sweetie.

  2. He's shy. So we sit down and let him come to us. But you're right — he's all sweetness and affection.

  3. Is he a Great Bernese? He is a beauty!

  4. He is really making a name for himself! Lol. He is actually a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Still purebred Aussie...just smaller. He is a blue merle with blue and brown marbled eyes. He has wonderful owners and we couldn't be more proud of them and Cooper and all the great work they have done so far. Way to go guys!! Good job Cooper on keeping the park a pretty place to be. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah and !
      Cooper makes us smile a zillion times a day and, of course, we LOVE as much as Cooper does. :)


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