Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Who was at the dog park today? Was Lefty there?"

No, no Lefty. P1000540 But Gretzky showed up. P1000599 And the Collie siblings — P1000606 Togo and P1000602 Annabelle gave a sniff. P1000547 Bob and Rosey stopped by P1000556 and got up close P1000553 and personal while P1000569 Hank kept his distance... P1000568 ...a bit standoffish. P1000502 Not Copper though. P1000524 Copper jumped right down and said hello. P1000387 Dexter and Izzy send their regards. P1000378 Along with Phoenix. P1100051 Sebastian was there P1100060 with his mate, Bandit. P1000403 A frisbee playing cattle dog P1000399 played frisbee. P1000355 This guy P1000360 and this guy. P1100073 And Barkley and Rocky. P1000444 And Dexter. P1000466 Did I mention Dexter?


  1. These pictures make me happy.
    One of the few non-politicized venues lest in the nation----Meade's dog park.

  2. Love these photos. Started morning with a dog inspired smile.

  3. Meade's dog park… such a happy place that the dog who's sadly missing an eye is transformed into a smiling winker.

  4. This is definitely my favorite site


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