Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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  1. Dog Golf: A Game of Retrieval.

    The human throws the ball with the Fluck-It, trademarked by me, and the dog has to run through a chalked out area to complete the hole.

    So the game is the owner throwing the (tennis) ball the correct way so the dog runs though the "hole" and "scores."

    Mostly, we start in cold markets like WI saying "hey man, the cat's outta the bag dude, we can use your golf course YEAR ROUND YO if you sign up for Dog Golf."

    Of course, we keep our holes away from the greens and keep repeating "we do no harm" as our mantra. We aren't there to mess up golf golf, but to add to the luster of the land.

  2. So Olllie would rather play with the ball tossing device than with the ball? Too funny.


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