Monday, May 19, 2014

"Was Lefty there?"

No, we didn't see Lefty. It was sort of spitting rain so we barely saw anyone. But we did see... P1040422 an Irish Doodle named Atticus... P1040416 as in Finch. P1040424 And there was Bowie... P1040432 as in David.  (The [Dog] Who Fell to Earth)
P1040444 And then there was Wolfie, a big Airedale. P1040435 At least I think that's what I heard. P1040434 Maybe it was Woofie. As in, you know, Woof Woof.


  1. Keep on truckin', Atticus and Woolfie.

  2. We have a 5 year-old lab-pointer mix, and a brand-new 3-month old dachshund. Both bitches (excuse the expression). It's fun to watch the two of them play -- or try to play, given that the bigger one is 10 times the size of the little one. She's holding her own though.

  3. Airedale Terriers Owners Group find us on FB

  4. "Bitch" is the preferred term around here, so feel free. Prediction: In less than a year, the doxie will be bossing around the lab. And the lab will love it!


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